6 Questions To Ask From Your Migration Advisor

Australia is a country where the laws of immigration have been made a top priority. Hence, the chances for you to not only to fail but also end up being not illegible to apply for any kind of a visa is high if you were doing it alone. That’s why you need the help of a professional; but a suitable one.
Here are 6 questions to ask an expert in migration.

  • Are you registered with MARA or ICCRC?
    It is illegal by law in Australia to provide better migration advice without being registered. Hence, you will be putting a lot of money at stake if you’re not guaranteed on the legal status of your agent. Hence, this is something that has to be sorted out, so you can move on forward.
  • How many approved visas are there under your assistance?
    The scammers want to run away, quickly. Asking questions like this will prove the legitimacy of your agent-to-be. If the person is truly an expert, the number of approved visas will give you an optimistic journey. You should remember that their name should appear in each and every grant letter.
  • Are you providing any post-landing facilities?
    This is not in the service book of a typical agent, but you can just throw it in there and see if it is available. If you have established that the professional is reliable, attaining all the required services from a single person will help you keep things simple.
  • Do you have any testimonials to share?
    This is a place where you can get a true understanding about the quality of the services. Because people usually don’t give heartfelt compliments unless they are truly impressed. Especially, in a field like this. Go through the recommendations on either in their websites and in hard-copies and check on the credibility.
  • Will you review my documents?
    This is a key feature of registered migration agent Perth
     because only a registered professional can review your immigration documents. If there was any sight of an outsourcing except for a believable reason, you might want to reconsider hiring.
  • Are there any solutions if the application gets rejected?
    Getting your money refunded won’t fix the problem; you need to be secured with a backup plan and that can only be done by a registered professional. As long as you have a way out, you won’t have to worry much.
    Migration is a field where you need to be extra careful. Hence, it is importance that you acquire professional guidance. But not just any guidance but authentic guidance.

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